Service and Repair

Standard Services

  • Pneumatic, Electric, Cordless Tool Repair
  • High-Pressure Hydraulic Pump and  Ram Repair
  • Hoist Repair and Load Testing
  • Winch Repair
  • Wire Rope Replacement and Testing
    • Air Balancer Repair and Testing
    • Torque Tool Calibration and Certification  to ISO Standards
    • Transducer Testing and Repair
    • Calibration of Torque Data Collection  Devices.

      Special Services

      • Custom Maintenance/Repair Programs
      • Onsite Tool Repair
      • Onsite Hoist Inspection Programs,
      • Onsite Calibration Services
      • Maintenance Program Review

      Protocol for Standard Tool Repair

      Please ship tools, hoists, or other equipment to be repaired to our facility via UPS, FEDEX, or other carrier you wish to use.

      Include a copy of our packing slip with your shipment.

      After the product(s) is disassembled for evaluation you will receive a repair estimate. This estimate is the cost it takes to bring the tool back to “like new condition” with a 90 day warranty on parts and labor (excluding normal wear and tear).

      Upon approval and receipt of a purchase order or credit card information your product(s) will be repaired, cleaned and painted, if necessary, and returned to you via UPS, FEDEX, or other carrier.

      If you choose not to repair the product or purchase a new replacement from us, a nominal estimating fee is due and those products will be returned to you unassembled.

      Please send your product for repair to the following address and include a copy of our Repair Intake Form (packing slip).

      Repair Intake Form (packing slip)

      Air Specialists, Inc.
      Attention: Repairs
      598 Kirk Road
      Marietta, GA 30060